About Me


I’m currently employed as a senior adviser for the Electricity Authority, New Zealand. The strategic objective of the Electricity Authority is to promote competition in, reliable supply by, and efficient operation of the electricity industry for the long-term benefit of consumers. I conduct complex regulatory economic analysis and cost-benefit
assessments on key policy and market issues in the electricity industry.

I an honorary research associate on the for the Smith School of Enterprise, University of Oxford. Ben Caldecott is the programme director, while Professor Gordon Clark is the director of the Smith School of Enterprise. The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is a leading interdisciplinary academic hub focused upon teaching, research, and engagement with enterprise on climate change and long-term environmental sustainability. It works with social enterprises, corporations, and governments; it seeks to encourage innovative solutions to the apparent challenges facing humanity over the coming decades; its strengths lie in environmental economics and policy, enterprise management, and financial markets and investment.

I am also a PhD graduand from the department of Accountancy & Finance, University of Otago. My thesis supervisors included Dr Ivan Diaz-Rainey, Associate Professor I.M. Premachandra, and Professor George Benwell. The thesis examined the impact of risk factors and regulatory changes on the financial return profile of European energy utilities. In particular, I focused on the impact of privatisation, liberalisation, and environmental policy. The thesis developed a novel asset pricing model for the energy sector, refined the model for sector-level analysis and examined the impact of regulatory changes on firm value.

I also have research papers beyond my PhD and I am also interested in continuing my research in carbon, energy policy, sector restructuring, corporate finance, asset valuation, market microstructure, empirical finance, and econometrics.